WTF is Emotional Equity?

Our corporate advisor constantly asks us what we do differently or better than other, similar organizations. And with the explosion of digital content, the answer is more important than ever. Every company with a GoPro claims to have video production capabilities, and having a millennial on staff suddenly means you have expertise in content trends, so how exactly are we different?

Sure, we could say we are great “storytellers”, a buzzword in the content world, and maybe we do that better or differently than other teams. And of course, we have the technical chops to create cinematic quality content, but neither of those things quite get to the essence of how we do things differently.

It boils down to two things:  talent and approach. And together, that x-factor can be summed up into what we call emotional equity. But WTF is emotional equity?

We think of it as the head and heart connection. We pour our hearts into your business or message (we are emotionally invested), and our team of specialists is expert at conceiving, capturing, and promoting great content (you get our creative equity).

We operate as true partners, shepherds of your message, getting to the core of your emotional draw. We know you put your blood, sweat, and tears into making what you do a success and we’re ready to partner with you to do the same.

Our team makes an emotional investment in your business to truly understand your goals and where you’re coming from. We then take the learning from that deep dive and connect it to content expertise. We use that emotional intelligence about where you’re coming from to address business problems through content strategy, creation, and distribution.

The best visual content prompts viewers to step outside themselves and see the world through a new lens. It allows people to empathize, or emotionally connect to a new idea or way of doing things. It and has the ability to move people to action. In order to really accomplish this we need to work with great brands that share our values and have the desire to inspire.

So when you hear us say emotional equity, it means a combination of our deep care and investment in the success of a content campaign (emotional) and the creative expertise to ensure that success (equity). And THAT is what makes us a little bit different than the other content agencies out there.