Reopen Eyecare

The Opportunity

Kindred Content teamed up with digital marketing firm, Gossip Genie, to create an inspirational video for The Vision Council that introduces and explains their new Reopen Eyecare website. As this video was needed during the COVID-19 shelter in place order, we were tasked in creating a unique, engaging video entirely from pre-existing content, compelling voiceover, and text motion graphics.

The Reach

The video was posted on social media to draw in current followers of The Vision Council, in addition to living on the home page of to explain the resources they are providing to new audiences.

The Results

We used a combination of high-quality stock footage to ignite encouraging emotions and web graphics to clearly highlight resources that can be found on the sight. The video draws in the optometrist by tugging at their emotions, guiding them through the fear of the current situation and leading them to the excitement and anticipation of the resources the Vision Council is providing through