Lurie Children’s Research Fund

Smiles, Tears, Applause…and Donations!

Kindred Content’s heartwarming fundraising video for the Children’s Ball led to record-breaking donations.

The Children’s Research Fund wanted to up their video game at their 2017 Children’s Ball. They collaborated with KC to increase the audience’s connection to the cause by using a compelling story. The Children’s Ball raised 3.75 million dollars to benefit Lurie’s Children’s Hospital and the Stanley Manne Research Center.

The event raised 30% more in donations than the same gala last year. And the paddle raise and live auction that took place directly after the video was shown raised $325,450.00 more in donations than the previous year.

Kindred Content’s CEO Florence Ann Romano is a dedicated philanthropist and active Children’s Research Fund board member. We’re so grateful we could take part in this crucial effort to support the development of life-changing treatments for pediatric diseases.

“There is no question that the success of the fundraising was directly impacted by the incredibly moving and well executed video.” – Donna G. Drescher, Children’s Research Fund Board Chair