Helen of Troy

The Opportunity

Helen of Troy approached Kindred Content to help them create a series of product videos and before & after photos for 31 of their hot tool products. Helen of Troy needed content that explained product uses, features, and benefits, and increased customer understanding and engagement on e-commerce sites.

The Reach

We packed a range of Hot Tools, Gold N Hot, and Revlon products into a four day shoot on location, and our series of product photos and videos are hosted across brand and retailer websites. With their influencer style and easy to understand graphics, these videos are the perfect multi-purpose format for both web and mobile browsing.

The Results

We addressed a few key areas throughout this project to help further drive Helen of Troy’s consumer engagement.

Diversity: We casted a large group of models to make sure buyers had the ability to see themselves in the content, and to make sure more hair types were represented.

Attainability: It was important that the viewer was able to have a clear understanding of how the products work and are used so that they have confidence in their purchase and the ability to operate the device upon bringing it home. We made sure our videos taught them nearly everything they need to know about the devices on the retailer webpages, so that Helen of Troy controls the message, before shoppers bounce to user-generated content on 3rd party video sites.

Desire-ability: We upped the “it” factor, showing more instances of ‘I want that’ hair. We show more of the ‘why’ of the product, in addition to showing the ‘how.’