Dougie’s Donors

My Owner Needs a Kidney Donor!

What a touching project to be a part of! Kindred Content worked with creative duo The Pharm Girls to concept Dougie’s Donors, a social media campaign aimed to help Maddie Becker find a living kidney donor using the voice and perspective of her big, lovable great dane, Dougie. The purpose of the campaign was not only to help Maddie find a match, but to spread information and awareness surrounding kidney disease and donation, and to encourage others to consider becoming living organ donors.

With the help of our social media coordinator’s educational graphics and posts, the video we created gained almost 50,000 views and over 700 shares across platforms.

While she ended up finding a deceased donor, Dougie is happy to report that Maddie has found her match! She is recovering from her transplant surgery with Dougie’s help, and continues to spread awareness about living kidney donation.