Children’s Research Fund “Together”

The Opportunity

For our third year creating the Lurie Children’s Research Fund ball video. Kindred Content developed a concept around the event’s theme: “Together.” Each year we focus our video on a different debilitating disease, and in 2019 we were given the opportunity to learn about three families living with cystic fibrosis.

While each family we interviewed had one child with the disease, it was important for us to hear from the parents on how everyone’s lives were affected, both before and after this new drug trial became available, and how they all fought the disease together.

The Reach

The video was created to premiere and encourage donations at the 2019 Children’s Research Fund Gala, but now lives on the organization’s website to give insight into the foundation, show the foundation’s incredible work, and encourage post-event donations.

The Results

The award-winning video helped break a fundraising record for all Lurie Children’s Hospital boards with over $4 million brought in to support pediatric medical research in one night, $877,000 of which was produced by the paddle raise that immediately followed Kindred Content’s video premiere.

We were so inspired by these families fighting together against cystic fibrosis every day, and by the amazing steps the Children’s Research Fund has taken to treat the disease. The drug discussed in this video was recently approved by the FDA and will greatly impact other patients living with the disease.

Children’s Research Fund