American Migraine Foundation

The Opportunity

Kindred Content teamed up with digital marketing agency Yakkety Yak to make this motivational, award-winning video for American Migraine Foundation‘s website and #MoveAgainstMigraine social media campaign. We were honored to collaborate with this organization to make their vision of “Picturing Your Life Without Migraine” come to life. 

The Reach

The primary goal for this project was to head the organization’s #MoveAgainstMigraine Campaign, by fundraising for research and helping to educate the community of people who have not experienced migraine while offering support to those who do.

This project was accomplished in one shoot day, our interviewer making sure to dive deep into each of the interview subjects’ history with migraine. This gave us the ability to return to the project months later to craft three additional videos structured for social-media, all capturing different aspects of living life with migraine.

The Results

With over 180,000 views across platforms, the video continues to remind members of the migraine community that they are not alone, and to teach people outside of the community how intense and impactful migraine can be.

We were so honored to be able to capture the vulnerable, soulful stories of these migraine warriors, and to inspire many others to #StartTheConversation through their comments and shares.