Behind the Scenes: DePaul University Graduate School Videos

Our seven video series features the ins and outs of several DePaul University graduate programs, walking the viewer through each program while giving them the sense that they’re experiencing a tour of campus first hand. What had to happen behind the scenes to be able to capture such a wide variety of locations, people, and professional fields? We’ll tell you!






These seven visual stories were captured throughout twelve shoot days (and twelve trips to the nearest campus cafe!) Why so many? Well, we wanted to capture footage of multiple classes for each graduate program, school alumni working in their fields around Chicago, and the perks of BOTH university campuses.

This meant working with a producer at DePaul to source school staff and alumni available to be filmed, and then coordinating schedules based on their responses, locations, and timeframes. When we had breaks between classes, we spent time filming the scholastic and lounge spaces across campus.







All of those locations meant a lot of traveling, sometimes across Chicago to capture alumni hard at work off-campus.

Rain or shine, we were out and about, building the camera cart in the morning, and traveling with it throughout the day.








With two great cinematographers behind the cameras – one capturing hand-held footage and another using a gimbal stabilizer – we were able to capture content from multiple angles while minimizing the shoot’s impact on students and staff.










Our producer and client watched the wireless monitor from outside each classroom to ensure we checked off everything on our shot list, and our production assistant made sure to slate each camera so our editors knew where to use each program’s footage.

Want to see the final videos? Check them out on our work page!