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WTF is Emotional Equity?

Our corporate advisor constantly asks us what we do differently or better than other, similar organizations. And with the explosion of digital content, the answer is more important than ever. Every company with a GoPro claims to have video production capabilities, and having a millennial on staff suddenly means you have expertise in content trends, so how exactly are we different?


Content, Content Everywhere

We make branded content. But that’s not all we make. We also do promotional content, corporate content, PR content, sales content, advertising, and sponsored content. So, lets break down a few of these buzzwords and get to the bottom of what they actually mean and some of the possibilities.


Get to the Choppa – 3 Things We Learned Producing Content 1000 Feet Above Chicago.

Earlier this year we were tasked with producing a helicopter shoot for 360 Chicago – the observation deck at the Hancock Building. We were reminded of a few basic production principles that were magnified by the working with the helicopter, so we wanted to pass along some of those key takeaways.